Welcome to American Atelier, Inc.

American Atelier Inc. is a full service organization with services ranging from custom manufacturing for architects and furniture designers to our standard in-line products.

We are a fourth-generation family-owned enterprise employing approximately 240 skilled craftsmen in our workforce. Our departments for matching wood veneers, precision machine turnings and cabinetry, custom finishes, and quality upholstery supports our demands to produce the quality of work that has become a tradition at American Atelier Inc..

Manufacturing methods inherent in AAI guarantee the highest structural and aesthetic standards. AAI is "AWI Certified" for "Premium Grade" manufacturing. Our staff draws upon extensive training and experience. Each product is engineered to determine its proper production methods. Mortise and tenon, four corner dovetail, and custom finishes are just a few of the requirements of our standard manufacturing process.

American Atelier Inc. is known for its quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. We are proud to inform our customers that all AAI products are manufactured in the United States.